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    Below is a copy of the By-Laws for the Duluth Police Explorer Post #244.  It is important that all explorers know these and follow them.


100.1   Establishment
It is the intent of the Duluth Police Department to establish and maintain an effective and efficient Police Explorer Post. The name of the organization shall be Duluth Police Department Explorer Post 244; the Post exists in honor and memory of Duluth Police Sgt. Gary Wilson who was killed in the line of duty, April 10, 1990.

200.1  Purpose
The purpose of law enforcement Exploring is:

1. Provide a vocational experience, by which Explorers may gain insight and knowledge regarding aspects of the law enforcement professions, including required qualifications, training, and skills, and that they are able to practice such skills with special events and competitions.

2. To develop leadership skills through experience of self government and cooperation within the organization.

3. To provide the area with a well trained volunteer organization to assist the City of Duluth.

4. To show people in the community, through a wholesome representation of the Police Department, that today's youth are recognized for effective leadership and commitment to the people in this city.

5. To give everyone respect and honest relations with a professional and courteous attitude with an experienced group of individuals.

6. Assist the Duluth Police Department personnel with duties and tasks as assigned.

7. Promote social programs designed for Explorers to have fun in a relaxed environment such as trips, camping outings, and other get-togethers. .

300.0   Membership Requirements

301.1 Eligibility
Graduate members must be enrolled in a post secondary education program studying a part of the law enforcement field. All members shall maintain consistent attendance and participation throughout the year to be considered an active member of the Post. After successfully completing one year of post secondary education, they are eligible and encouraged to apply for the Explorer Scholarship.

302.1 Age
Members must be between the ages of 15 and 21 to be a member of the Explorer Post. A member can join if that member is 14 and in the ninth grade by appointment to the Post.

303.1 Dues
Members are responsible for an annual $8.00 Boy Scouts of America registration fee and an annual Post membership fee (dependent on the administration), which shall not be over $25.00. No Explorer shall be denied membership or any activity to the Post because of financial hardship.

304.1  Background Investigation
The Executive Board and/or Advisors may conduct a background check on all applicants. Applicants having a past record may be denied or are grounds for termination of membership.

305.1  Laws and Regulations
Explorers shall follow all rules, regulations, and laws. Any part of these By-Laws found to be illegal or not considered in good standing shall be immediately removed. Removal of certain parts does not affect the overall authority of these By-Laws.

400.0  Duties of Executive Board Officers


The Captain is leading officer of the Post. He/she must be a good manager, have excellent interpersonal relations, and establish effective communications in preparing for and presiding at Board and Post meetings. He/she coordinates the work of the officers and committee chairpersons as well as promotes an environment that results in everyone working together and enjoying the experiences while serving as a member of the Explorer Post. He/she shall work closely with the advisors as well as attend Board and general training sessions.

401.2 The Captain shall hear reports of disciplinary issues:

401.21 All disciplinary problems will be reported to the Board and a meeting will be held before the Explorer Board acts.

401.22 The Advisor Board will hear any severe problems.

401.23  The Explorer Board may recommend action, however the Advisor Board decides, through a majority, any punishment.

401.3 The Captain must be a good role model:

401.31 He/she shall show respect towards all Explorers and advisors, as well as the public and representatives of Duluth.

401.32 He/she shall strictly abide by all rules and regulations, and must be unparalleled in his/her ethical and moral decisions at all times.

401.4 He/she shall call Executive Board meetings at a reasonable amount.

401.41 He/she is the only person that can call an official Board meeting, and shall honor requests from the Advisor Committee.

401.42 Should an Explorer wishing to appeal in front of the Board, the Captain shall consider such an appeal.

401.421 If the Captain agrees, all Board members shall be present

401.422 If the Captain disagrees, the Explorer has the right to appeal in front of the Advisor Committee


The Lieutenants are 2nd in command of the Post. The Lieutenants must possess the qualities and responsible leadership skills as the Captain.

402.2 He/she shall perform any legitimate task or duty assigned by the Captain or advisors.

402.3 Shall assume Captain's role when the Captain is absent.


The Sergeants are under the direction under the Captain, and shall be assigned duties to each of the three Sergeants (as well as the two

404.1 Board Member Responsibilities

All Board Members shall be held to an outstanding level of ethical and moral values. Cooperation must be displayed to fellow Board members, other Explorers, the advisors and police officers, as well as the public and other Explorer groups. Any Post officer may be removed from his/her position at any time for just cause as determined by the Advisor Board, or an independent board composed of Board members and explorers with the advisement of police officers.

405.1 Duties of All Board Members

The officers of the Post shall be the Captain, Two Lieutenants, First Sergeant, Second Sergeant, and Third Sergeant. The Advisor Committee will appoint officers for a term of one year, which may be renewed. New and experienced Explorers are encouraged to submit a cover letter and a resume to apply for a board position, which will be determined before September first.

406.1 Measures taken by Executive Board members
Actions of the Board or a representative from, shall always be an attempt to solve or prevent issues with appropriate measures designed for self-government and to further develop leadership and maturity skills throughout the Post.

500.0   Functions and Meetings

501.1 Attendance
Attendance is of paramount importance. Members who are unable to attend a meeting or function should provide notice of the absence to the Post Advisor or Executive Board Members.
Any member with three consecutive un-excused absences from a meeting or function will be required to report to the Post Advisor and/or Post Executive Board Members. If a member has been absent for five consecutive absences will be dismissed from the Post unless they can supply a reasonable explanation.

502.1 Special Events
A special event is any activity the Explorers agree to work, or are assigned by the Chief of Police. Examples of special events include the police auction, parades, crowd control, road races, and other functions decided upon by Advisors and/or Post Executive Board Members.
Points are awarded for special event participation; the points are applied toward ride-along eligibility. The Advisors determine the number of points earned per special event. Appropriate uniform shall be worn.

503.1 Meetings
Meetings are held bi-weekly for informational and training purposes. Additional meetings may be held when necessary. Points will be awarded for meeting attendance; the points will be applied toward ride-along eligibility. The number of points earned per meeting shall be five.

503.2 Ridealong
Explorers in good standing may be eligible for one ride-a-long every 2-3 months provided they have:

503.21 Successfully completed all core training

503.211 Radio Procedures

503.212 CPR, first-aid training

503.22 Earned 20 points through meeting attendance and participation in special events

Ridealong are scheduled at the convenience of the Police Department and may be canceled due to work load and squad availability. Explorers under the age of 18 must have a signed consent/wavier form completed by their parents and must agree with the Police Department's polices and procedures, available for inspection at time of appointment. These forms must be filled out completely before the scheduled ride-a-long. Explorers under the age of 18 will not be able to participate after midnight on a ride-a-long.

600.0   Rules, Regulations, and Standard of Conduct

601.1 Confidentiality
Information that Explorers will meet during the course of their activities may be of a confidential nature. Explorers shall keep in the strictest confidence any and all information derived from Post activities and from any other contact they may have with the Police Department. The failure to keep information confidential will lead to reprimand and possible dismissal.

602.1 Insubordination
Failure, deliberate refusal, or ridiculing an order given by an appointed Executive officer, Advisor, or police officer, shall be deemed insubordination.

603.1 Drug Use
Members of the Post shall not consume controlled substances of any kind, on or off duty, except those prescribed by a physician.
No Explorer under the age of 18 may possess tobacco at any time. Explorers over the age of 18 shall not consume tobacco at any Explorer function.

604.1 Weapons
Explorers shall not carry any weapon while participating in any Explorer function, except under authorized Explorer target practice/competition.

605.1 Intoxicants
No Explorer at any time may consume intoxicants of any kind, or arrive at an Explorer-related function appearing to be intoxicated.

606.1 Behavior
Explorers shall maintain sound behavior that outlines both their character and the attitude of the Explorer Post. Fighting, heightened levels of arguing, intimation, and initiation activities will not be tolerated.
The Duluth Police Explorer Post #244 believes that all individuals deserve respect, equal treatment, and honest relations within the Explorer Post; as a representative of the Duluth Police Department and the City of Duluth.

All members of the Post shall observe and obey all laws and ordinances, abide by the by-laws, rules, regulations, and special department orders. Failure to do so shall result in punishment as determined by the Executive and the Advisor Board.
700.1   Discipline Clause

    Explorers who choose to resort to actions and activities listed above, or executes an action that, in the opinion of the Executive Board and/or the Advisors, is dangerous or that would cause harm, may be subject to discipline as decided upon by the Board.

800.0   Uniform and Equipment

801.1 Uniform

The recognized casual uniform of the Post is
1. Navy blue polo shirt with emblem
2. Dark blue/black pants (or shorts)
3. Black shoes

The recognized performance uniform of the Post is:
1. Light blue uniform shirt
2. Black Explorer windjacket/lined jacket
3. Pants with blue stripes
4. Black shoes
5. White undershirt

The recognized equipment items for use during events include:
1. Bullet-proof vest
2. Traffic vest
3. Flashlight
4. Explorer Radio
5. Traffic directing flag

802.1 Department Equipment/Uniform

802.11 All equipment issued by the Duluth Police Department and/or the Explorers is property of the issuing department and must be surrendered
a. At the end of shift/patrol/ride-a-long
b. When an Explorer leaves the Post
c. When an Explorer turns 21

802.12 Explorers will be expected to pay for any damages to any property issued by the Duluth Police Department or the Explorers, or if that item is lost or destroyed.

802.13 All Explorers are expected to know how to use an item being issued before accepting responsibility for that item.

900.1 (For future expansion relating to Lakewalk Patrol)
1000.1 (For future expansion relating to the Explorer Community Vehicle)
1100.1 (For future expansion relating to assisting with Community Programs)